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James was born in Macon, Georgia in 1981.  He became a third generation barber and has enjoyed cutting menʼs hair for nearly 20 years.  His desire for a new challenge led him to paint-ing abstract art.  Much like a haircut, abstract art allows James to express himself with different textures, depth, and style.  

With less than one year of painting under his belt, James has participated in a couple of group shows, has artwork in Ampersand Guild in Georgia, and has sold over 30 paintings.  James aspires to be featured in galleries in Lincoln as well as cater to specific visions through commissioned paintings.  James loves hearing the heart of his clients and creating a specific painting just for them.  James currently lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and recently retired from bar-bering full time.  He now enjoys painting and being a stay-at-dad to his two young daughters, Adilynn and Genevieve Joy.  His wife, Marilyn, is currently in graduate school pursuing a career in nurse anesthesia.  So far, James and his family have enjoyed the farmerʼs market downtown, the Lincoln Zoo and the community vibe that Lincoln offers. “Painting is a means to express creativity I didnʼt realize I had.  I enjoy watching a painting develop and using intuition to bring in to completion.  I like trying new techniques and experimenting with different color schemes.” 

First Friday Opening Reception

November 1st, 5-9pm



I am an artist and author residing in Lincoln NE with my husband and our four children.
I started painting as a way to share a story or convey a feeling when words alone werenʼt adequate. . .. I love the freedom that paint allows, no punctuation or perfect grammar necessary, just a blank canvas ready to take my story in and then share. I typically have the title in mind before Iʼve actually dipped my paintbrush in the paint, however there are some days itʼs just a blank canvas with no preconceived ideas and I just go!

Currently I have been painting a series of pieces entitled “Light Collection”and these images are based on light and hope in unsettled times. I primarily paint with water-based oil on canvas as I appreciate the finish it provides and itʼs opaque quality. Iʼve also explored watercolors on paper recently, as I enjoy trying new textures and finishes. 

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110 South 14th Street, Ste 210

Lincoln, NE  68508

(402) 440-4274


Chapin Studios and Gallery is a collaboration of select local artists that seek an inspirational studio work environment to celebrate the visual arts, co-existing with a gallery that provides patrons the opportunity to enjoy a variety of exceptional local and regional art.

It is Chapin's goal to provide Lincoln a diverse variety of art by inviting guest artists and rotating fresh work into their gallery on a regular basis.

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I developed an appreciation for art in high school doing mainly pencil, and quill pen drawings.  Shortly after graduating I opened a photography business, shooting sprint car and go-cart races, weddings and senior pictures.  I continued to be creative when circumstance led me to what is now a 27 year career in radio where I have done everything from commercial voice work, to sports play-by-play, to music and commercial production.
My fatherʼs love of wood working (he has created some masterful pieces of furniture) was passed on to me, and I started creating some eclectic birdhouses with him a few years ago.  Once Tracy re-discovered her passion for painting, I began making custom floating frames for her work.  As time has passed, Iʼve started to do pour paintings on canvas as well as painting some of my bird-houses in the same acrylic pour painting style.
Together, Tracy and I have formed 4 Elements Artwork.  We have a website (www.4EArt.com), Facebook page (@4ElementsArtwork) and an Instagram account (4elementsartwork) where we hope to sell some of our creations. 





As a girl who grew up spending a lot of time growing up on my grandparentʼs farm, I have always loved the outdoors and nature.  I believe that this love shines through every piece of my artwork.  Along with nature, I have always loved art since I was a child.
As an adult I have been a creator of art in many different forms.  Besides painting and drawing, I started creating home haunts for Halloween.  I created props and designed the whole layout along with scenes.  Later, I became the co-owner of a Haunted House here in Lincoln for a few years and used my creativity in many different ways, from building the haunt to creating scenes, making custom props, custom sound tracks, and more.  I also became co-owner of an original Halloween prop com-pany, sculpting original life size props, molding, pouring and airbrushing the final products as well as creating other custom props from other mediums and items.
Recently life has brought me back to the passion for canvas painting.  I love to express myself through my art!  The main things I love to incorporate into my canvas paintings are nature, the ocean and the cosmos.  Life has blessed me with meeting and becoming a part of Mikeʼs life.